Wednesday’s news items [Columbia comparisons; economic development fraud; meeting notes & more] – 9/26/2019

Over 530 people watched | Last night’s Borough Council meeting live streamed and available at the Borough’s facebook page.

Long 15-minute presentation | The EMS presentation was way longer. Citizens have time limits imposed during citizen comments periods; presenters should have time limits, too. In providing testimony at many of the US Senate committee hearings, there’s a five-minute time limit.

dc cap

Columbia: the district and the borough | There are differences and similarities between the District of Columbia and the Borough of Columbia. A few we’ve seen:


  • In DC a lot of people ride around on scooters on the sidewalks; in the borough, people do ride around on power scooters and skateboards on the streets.
  • In DC, there are a fair number of painted brick homes; in Columbia, fewer. At last night’s council meeting, the municipal legislators walked back on legislation they enacted some short time ago to wink at a painted structure ordinance: Ordinance 905 Revise Definition of Alteration in Historic District


  • Both have quite historic lineage: The District was founded on July 16, 1770. The Borough was founded in 1726 by Colonial English Quakers from Chester County led by entrepreneur and evangelist John Wright.
  •  Both are surprisingly walkable.
  • Both have hotels near the legislative center across the street from the Capitol area. Columbia’s Hotel Locust & Hotel Columbia are in the hands of the Lancaster County Land Bank.


Economic development disaster | “Millions of dollars are missing. The sheriff is dead. A small Virginia town wants answers.”The Washington Post

Rushing to judgment? | No, Lloyd … it’s overdue.

Why isn’t this discrimination? | This Community Calendar item in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster sure sounds discriminatory: “LUNCHEON: The Newcomers and Neighbors Club will meet Wednesday, Oct. 9. Kim Miller will be speaking and presenting a video about the history and entertainment of Sight & Sound Theatre. It is open to all female residents of Lancaster County. Cost is $21. Deadline to register is Sept. 30. More detailed information or to register: “


  1. DC has the Metro, an excellent subway system that can get you around the city and to Maryland and Virginia. Columbia has no such thing and is rather small to need a subway. I don’t live in Columbia, so I don’t know if it has a good bus system.

  2. They are preparing the gentrification of Columbia…. many of the poor from Lancaster City have moved to Columbia. It’s an area people are getting pushed out to, and now Columbia is a target. You don’t want what is happening in Lancaster City to happen in Columbia.

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