Thursday’s news items [Council overrides H.A.R.B.; zoning amuck; Lloyd: “fearless leader” needs you & more] – 9/26/2019

Ripped from the pages | “Columbia council overrides Historical Architectural Review Board on painting of building”Lancaster Online

Zoning run amuck | Town’s zoning officer “forced pre-school children to shut down their farm stand because it wasn’t in a commercial zone.”The Free Thought Project

black SUVs

What happens when | GM quits cranking out black mega-SUVs? What will the folks in Washington do? The Chevy Suburban and the GMC Yukon are the vehicle of choice, it seems.

What’s it look like? | How the Impeachment Process Works” “Trump is only the fourth president in history that Congress has opened a formal impeachment inquiry against. So there is no doubt this is a big deal.” – The New York Times

Lloyd’s message | Fearless leader “needs our support”

What’s it look like? | Inflation: Four ways to measure it?Marketplace


Greta’s speech | “… seemed to haunt the heads of state who spoke after her.”Marketplace

“Greta Is Living Rent-Free in Trump’s Head |A very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future.””Teen Vogue

Supreme power | What few of us “recognize is that if the balance of the current Court changes, the settlement of these questions will not be part of the ordinary stream of decisions, but will instead represent the culmination of a more fundamental battle over the Constitution that has been waged since the New Deal era, one whose outcome could define American government and politics for many decades to come.” – The Atlantic



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