only in fairy tales and parables because it ain’t like that in real life


Remember how it ended? | After fiddling away the spring and summer? “Being a good and kind, the ant invited the grasshopper into the house and both enjoy the food together. It is a happy ending for the both the ant and the grasshopper.” Read more here.

grasshopper Only in fairy tales and parables is that the case; here’s what really happens — the ants eviscerate the grasshopper.

It’s an equal life | “New census data shows inequality continues to grow in the U.S. US Census Bureau

Snow blows | “This State Could Crack Down on Drivers Who Don’t Scrape Snow Off Cars”Route Fifty

Greta and your kids and grandkids’s are right and it’s real | “The Oceans We Know Won’t Survive Climate Change”Route Fifty

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