Election 2019 | find out what the candidates for local office are saying.

election 2019

The countdown to Election day 2019 is on. Less than a month from now, registered voters get the opportunity absent in so many places on this earth. They get to pick the folks who will represent them in the political offices at the state, county and local levels.

The local level is the most important level — here’s where voters may actually know the candidates. These candidates are people you’ve met; people you went to school or church with; your neighbors or people you work with. These are the people who will be charged with managing the municipal and educational systems RIGHT HERE IN COLUMBIA.

Make the effort to find out who the candidates are and what’s important to them. One way to do that is to talk with them; ask them questions and listen to them. Find out where they stand on topics, issues and programs that directly concern you.

One way to get to know them is by looking at their facebook pages; here are the candidate facebook pages we know about. If there are others, we’ve missed, please send an email to 17512@mail.com and let us know about them.

councillorColumbians will be voting for “not more than four” candidates for borough councillor.

school boardColumbians will be voting for “not more than five” candidates for school board of directors.

  • Sandra Duncan*
  • Kathleen Hohenadel*
  • Charles Leader*
  • Lauren K. Van Stetten*
  • Rebecca Young*
  • Fred Thomas
  • Kaitlyn Keyser
  • Lester W. Putt

NOTE: The above candidates with asterisks have a consolidated facebook page.

Columbians will be voting for “not more than two” candidates for school board of directors – 2 YR.

While searching for candidates’ facebook accounts we found this one from an antagonist, a current school board director with an opposition view:

Click on the continue reading above to see the entire post; or click here to find the post at current school board of director, Cole Knighton’s facebook page.

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