Wednesday’s news items [Last night’s council meeting notes) – 10/9/2019


Last night’s Council meeting | There were “101 Comments 5 Shares 554 Views” at the Borough’s facebook page post of the video streaming and recording of last night’s meeting. Clearly more than fewer than two dozen or so “in-person” attendees are “attending” the borough council meetings. Next logical step: stream, video record and post all borough meetings including, zoning, planning, etc. 

Notes | It is really difficult to hear when some people sit back in their chairs too far away from the microphones. An agenda item (Discussion on Social Media / Facebook Page Administration Policy 30-day deletion protocol) is not limiting freedom of speech nor expression, necessarily — though the shielding or deletion of information and facebook comments is something we question. Why? One of the councillors said the comments were inappropriate. The discussion relied on the borough’s facebook policy allows the deletion of content / comments. This might be considered governmental abridgment of speech.

What happens when the leader’s away in an incident? | The next in command steps in to assume the responsibilities and duties. “One fairly unique aspect of a police chief’s job is that it is never limited to an 8-hour work day. For most chiefs, it’s a 24-hour job dealing with a constant stream of calls, emails and situations.” from this PennLive article, “Which central Pa. police chiefs make the most money?”

Inappropriate? Sure, everywhere but Lancaster County | “Lancaster County Prothonotary invites Republican nominee to participate in office decisions, but not Democrat” Lancaster Online

West Hempfield DUI | Columbian “was arrested for DUI for operating a vehicle erratically along Columbia Ave., in West Hempfield Township”West Hempfield Twonship Police Department CrimeWatch 

Get’s it | This LNP – Always Lancaster letter-to-the-editor writer is on target.

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