Thursday’s news items [police notifications; MAGA meet-up; country music event; proclamations & more] – 10/10/2019

” … home and vehicle break-ins / attempted break-in … “ | Columbia Borough Police Department CrimeWatch

Lancaster reports | This police department lets its citizens know about shooting incidents without delay Columbia can learn from this. When citizens are uninformed about public safety events, tell them with authoritative, truthful, timely statements. Absent authoritative, truthful, timely statements, rumors and police mistrust happen.

Happening today | A “MAGA-meet-up” in East Earl. More about the Meet-up in this LNP – Always Lancaster article.


great day of country music” | I-105 radio: “Fallfest 2019 will be Sunday, October 13, 2019 at our brand new venue, Maple Grove Raceway.”

Closing? | Saturday’s MarketThe Middletown Press & Journal

Yep! It’s closing | Says WCBS21-TV

Albatwitch Tshirt 1

In Columbia this Saturday | Albatwitch Day:Artists, Authors, Food, Fun for Kids, Lantern Tours, Music.

State loan awarded | Lititz’s “Clair Global will get a $2.0 million loan from the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority.” NOTE: No local municipal funding is involved in the organization’s expansion. – The article is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Proclamations are all the rage | At Tuesday night’s council meeting, the agenda listed this line item: “Proclamation 19-06: Domestic Violence Awareness Month .” The mayor read the proclamation. If only, pronouncements and proclamations produced tangible results; POTUS’s proclamation is here.

Are you a domestic violence victim? | Or know someone who is? Call 2-1-1 or go to the Lancaster County Domestic Violence Website.

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