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flippin | The video recordings —  two of them — of last night’s council budget meeting are multi-directional (one’s “verticalized”; the other, “horizontalised.” The audio for neither easy to hear. Compare either with Middletown’s.

trolley tours

A reader asks | This message was sent to Columbia news, views & reviews:

“I find it interesting that nowhere on their website does it say who ‘they’ are, not even who to make checks out to. But they claim to donate proceeds to organizations and the local arts.”

Claiming is one thing; doing is quite another | Both the Internal Revenue Service and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have qualification requirements for entities to be registered as not-for-profit organizations. Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour is not listed as a non-profit organization at the IRS Database nor the State’s. The organization’s facebook page claims it is:

“a non-profit, community based group that invites guests on an hour long tour to meet enticing new characters that explore Columbia’s haunted lore while traveling the path of those who lived before us.”

not for profit notice.jpgNon-profit entities also are required by law to publish, in a legally defined publication, a notice like the one publiched in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

alcohol pods

booze pods | “They’re a more environmentally friendly way to enjoy single-malt Scotch. At least, that’s how the masterminds behind Glenlivet’s ‘glassless cocktails’ described them. This week, the 200-year-old whisky maker caused an uproar when it announced a limited edition collection of single-shot whisky cocktails — encased in a clear membrane made from seaweed extract. The ‘capsules’ look eerily similar to Tide pods and are intended to be consumed in one pop (the casing apparently dissolves on the tongue). In all seriousness, though, seaweed packaging could be a more sustainable alternative to plastic packaging for things like Gatorade or ketchup. The company that partnered with Glenlivet on its cocktail capsules said seaweed is plentiful and biodegrades faster than a fruit peel.” – Make Me Smart



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