Saturday’s news items, part 2 [pedophiles in school, too; how to RSVP?; how to inform people? & more] 10/12/2019

Church hides teacher pedophiles, too | “Lawsuit says Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg covered up sexual abuse by high school teacher” WITF

Why? | “Judge will halt lawsuits against Purdue Pharma, its owners”WITF

voices of tomorrow

How does one RSVP? | Incomplete, unclear RSVP instructions are shown on this message about an important topic: School board of directors open meeting about school district concerns.

Mass media woes | Not only is the newspaper industry in freefall as fewer and fewer American newspapers are delivering thinner printed messages to fewer households, the radio industry is flagging, too. Add to those, “Fewer People Than Ever Are Watching TV.”

NOTE TO LOCAL “PRIVATE” CLUB | Serve an intoxicated person and you can be suedThe Morning Call

Markets | Allentown‘s got a new one; Columbia will have a renewed one.

This stuff does not happen | Yes, it does: “How one City Hall staffer blurred line between public service and personal gain”The Boston Globe

White privilege: real? | You bet: “A Latina novelist spoke about white privilege. Students burned her book in response.”The Washington Post


victims of POTUS deceit | The victims of the shameful decision to abandon allies and unleash Turkey’s dogs of war on them






  1. Ah, yes…White Privilege.
    One of the most blatant tactics of creating racial strife and obfuscating harmony between races/cultures.
    This is a HUGE topic that deserves a much larger piece than just a ‘blog reply.’

    But, I’m gonna make this quick:
    Does White Privilege exist?
    Yes! Of Course!
    But what really is White Privilege?
    The easiest example is to examine the history of Boston:
    Generational, WASP Brahmin Wealth.
    Do a quick Wikipedia click feast: See how many successive US Presidents derive from that bloodline?
    What else did this Brahmin class create?
    Elite Ivy Colleges so they could educate their own to perpetuate their rule…also, inviting and indoctrinating “outsiders” of high intelligence.
    White Privilege exists as The Generational Ruling Class—and their lower ranks of Useful Idiots that work in Media, Politics, and Academia.

    Now, as a graduate with an English Literature degree from a Small, Private, Expensive Liberal Arts College—this is not all a brag, but context—I’m quite familiar with Academia.
    Also, I’m quite versed in Literary/Critical/Social Theory.
    Or, what we call The ‘Isms.
    From where “White Privilege” was borne from the mind of a White, Upper Class Ivy Educated Academic.


    Academia—of national cultural influences—is insulated within the confines of major cities like Boston, NYC, Chicago and other places that breed elitist thinking, culture and politics.
    Academics mingle within their own incestuous class of Academics. They promote the works, thoughts and philosophies of other academics.
    They RARELY venture from their cultural urban centers.
    They have no idea how complex, nuanced and vast this country and human experience is, because they only rely on their own academic realms.

    To see our “elite institutions of higher learning” implode is of great satisfaction to me.

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