Sunday’s news items – 10/13/2019

A Columbia original | Joseph “Gabby” Hartmann obituary

“… very alarming, very frightening.” | That’s the comment from Michelle Gehman, president of the Greater Lancaster Hotel & Motel Association, in an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster about the significant decline in the hotel industry’s occupancy rate this year. The article states “2019 occupancy rate is the weakest since 2011.”

More than any other country | China’s road system  has 84,000 miles of motorway, more than any other country in the world including a bridge that is 34 miles long. Click on the graphic to watch this short (less than two minutes) video.

china roads

albatwitch article.jpg

Were you there? | Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster has photos of the Albatwich Day event in and around Columbia. More photos here.

Sad state | “Soaring school lunch debts driving Pennsylvania districts to collection agencies” The Morning Call

columbia briefs

Why? | What’s the borough gaining by deleting comments? Columbia’s decision to delete facebook comments after 30 days is the subject of the Municipal Briefs selection in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Dependability! | You can find lists the weekly food inspections for Lancaster County’s food serving establishments at Lancaster Online’s Website and you can find all the restaurants across the state at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Website. Beginning on January 1, 2020, Columbia’s food-serving establishments will be posted there too; The Borough recently began posting its own conducted surveys at the Borough Website at the end of each month.

RWNJ to the nth | OPINION: “Five myths about Mike Pence”The Washington Post


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