Saturday’s news items, part 2 [Recruiting firefighters; no spit; cannabis halloween candy?; fake news & more] – 10/19/2019

A Scare?| “Cannabis Halloween Candy Scares Are Generally Just That” Newsy

A plan? | “Recruit Volunteer Firefighters by Relieving Their Student Debt” Route Fifty

our spit

No spit! | “Our spit reflects cooking, farming, and not licking each other” – Futurity

Come on a my house | “G-7 Summit at his florida resort”Newsy

Been going on  a long time | “Public school teachers are spending their own money on school supplies” MarketPlace

Fake news | “Withdrawal from forever war”Truth Dig

Whatever | “Suzanne Somers posts ‘birthday suit’ picture to celebrate 73rd birthday”FOX43-TV


The list | “Best Haunted House To Visit In Your State”Ranker

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