Monday’s news items [elected public servant apologizes for real; council meeting agenda; events & more] – 10/21/2019

poverty impact

At least two things stand out | in yesterday’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial, “Reforming the way we grade teachers will help our students.” One is that an elected public servant admitted that he’d made a mistake when he introduced”2012 legislation that created the state’s current teacher evaluation system.” Tje second is the understanding an drecognition that poverty among students, indeed, does impact how students learn and how teacher evaluations are affected.

Testimonial to government cost-cutting | This letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster shows it can be done.

Agenda | The agenda for tomorrow night’s borough council meeting is posted at the borough website. Click here to open as a .pdf file.

Be an informed citizen | Make time to read through the meeting agenda and supporting documents packet which included financial statements. It is your responsibility to be informed.

Policing for profit | In the agenda packet, there’s “pro” radar information; here’s another side from a Columbia news, views & reviews post from a few months ago: “Speaking of speed | While all the local police departments want it, “RADAR Is Unreliable: Fresh evidence that further erodes RADAR’s patina of infallibility comes from an American Academy of Forensic Sciences” – The Patch

mardi gras parade

1-21-28 preschool

Horrific training tragedy | Yet, the US Army’s Third Infantry does not squash the incident nor not tell its shareholders. Some local police departments continue to shield its stakeholders from news about incidents.

31d news release



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