Friday’s news items [parade review; PFAS; library events & more] – 10/25/2019

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Parade review | The Columbia Mardi Gras Parade facebook page has a great collection of photos from last night’s parade. Nice seeing so many smiling faces.

welcome home vn vets 08 nov

中國機器人電話 | “What I learned by chatting with Chinese robocallers”MarketPlace

Lilly’s Bill | Fill the dispensers: “schools to provide free pads and tampons for students.”Route Fifty

Football tonight | Columbia at ELCO

PFAS | Watch this brief video (two minutes) to learn more about it.

Did Columbia have a PFAS spill | In September, 2018?

Again? | Lancaster’s being sued again because of “excessive use of force” by several of its police officers. An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster reports: “A Lancaster Township man has filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing Lancaster city police officers of using excessive force by deploying a stun gun against him and manhandling him in the wake of a routine traffic stop two years ago.” Here’s another case of developing policies and not having certainty that the leadership team is implementing them.

Obituaries | Charles F. “Choker” Hartman, Columbia Lancaster Online

Another wastewater sale | “Pa. American Water pays $93.5M for Exeter wastewater system” WMFZ69-TV

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