Wednesday’s news items [news items from Columbia and the area] – 10/30/2019

ZHB Call for Volunteer Oct 2019

From Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster to The ENT Center: a Name Changes, While a Tradition Continues | LANCASTER, PA, OCTOBER 28, 2019—A leading specialty medical group serving Greater Lancaster and surrounding communities has decided the time has come for a change that better reflects their depth and breadth of ear, nose, throat and hearing health expertise. Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster (OPL) has announced a new brand—The ENT Center—for their overall otolaryngology practice, along with their audiology and hearing aid service lines.

“Patients and the physicians who refer them will notice that elements like our communications materials, website, signage and in-facility décor have a revitalized look and feel,” said William Heintzelman, CEO. “But rest assured that we’re the same team of physicians, audiologists and support staff that our community has counted on for decades.”

As The ENT Center, the practice will continue to deliver the top-quality care, from routine consultations to surgery, that patients and referring physicians have come to expect for conditions ranging from chronic sore throats, tonsillitis and sinus problems to nosebleeds, sleep apnea, chronic ear infections and other ear problems, and numerous types of injuries “from the neck up.” They will also continue to provide a one-stop, expert source for hearing evaluations, hearing aids and related devices and services.

“We will do what we have always done to earn our community’s trust, but under a new brand that tells the story of what we have to offer in fresh, easier-to-understand ways,” Heintzelman said. – SOURCE: news release

community service aide job in LNP

A message from the President | Family First Health President and CEO, Jennifer Englerth, shared this message in an e-blast:

Each day this quote comes to life in Family First Health (FFH) sites and services across York City, Hanover, Gettysburg, Lewisberry, and Columbia. Nearly all of our staff members and volunteers report choosing FFH as a place to share their time and talents because of our mission to provide opportunity for good health to all.

Our 25,000 patients seek improved health from clinical teams that see their potential, regardless of where they start their journey. The importance of this human desire for purpose was clearly evident in 2018 as we witnessed the expansion of our professional teams to include lay health professionals. Both Recovery Support Specialists and Community Health Workers hit their stride in 2018. While working with distinctly different populations, both leveraged their desire to support others in finding their own way, and opened the door to improved health along the way.

By expanding our professional teams, our ability to meet community needs increased; overall our number of patients and visits grew in 2018. A highlight was tremendous growth in school-based dental care, with more than 4,000 children participating in our Kids Against Cavities program. By promoting better oral health, we directly improved the overall wellbeing of these children.

Our 49-year commitment to our mission and the evolving needs of our patients guides our vision and shapes our daily efforts, and the unique impact of our work drives our organization forward regardless of the changes around us. All that we do is significant and needed now more than ever, as everyone deserves the opportunity for good health. This simple shared belief grounds us now and will continue to propel us into the future.

family first

christmas box

An appeal |With the increasing need in our community, increasing costs, and the loss of a long time supplier, we need your support.  Every donation counts – $25, $50 or $100 or ? Please consider a donation to the Columbia Christmas Food Boxes this year to help relieve the burden on families to provide a Christmas meal for their families.  In their day to day survival, this is one last thing they need to worry about. – SOURCE: news release 

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