Wednesday’s news items [pizza break; few surprises & more] – 11/6/2019

Obituary | Kathleen Kise Bote, veteran and Columbia resident – Lancaster Online

Flipped | Yesterday’s election produced few surprises in County-wide races (Yep, Republicans won because “that’s the way it is.”). In Manheim Township, a long time school board member was dumped (remember the transparency issues Manheim Township has had); the outgoing district attorney was voted in as a new Court of Common Pleas judge; the new District Attorney is a woman who happens to be a Republican.

Posted yesterday | Columbia news, views & reviews Voting problems? Voting machine problems? Catch a litany of some of the self-induced issues reported with voting at different places. Problem, more than likely is with the “old ideas” that are sometimes perpetuated with the folks working at the polls. Some of them say things. Some of them make up their own standards. Some of them change the consistency that the Poll Worker’s Guide spells out. Heck, we’ve even heard that one poll worker in a Columbia polling place was telling people that Columbia School District has merged with Hempfield. There’s a lot to that “loose lips” saw. “We’re hearing of voting machine problems in #LancasterPA and West Hempfield Township. What has your experience been this morning? #lancastervotes ……/article_319d8258-ff39…

Wait, there’s more | At our polling place, when we went to put our ballot into the scanner, the person attending there, said, “I’ll do it.” We retorted, “That’s not the way it’s supposed to happen. The voter is to do that.” “Oh, yeah. That’s right,” he replied. The person at the scanning device has no right to see the ballot the voter completes; it defeats the secret ballot precept.


And even more | Informed sources report that one Columbia Judge of Elections actually locked the doors to voters yesterday so the poll workers could have a pizza break. That is a blatant violation; in polling stations (especially during an “off-election” where turnout is traditionally quite light,” poll workers grab food sustenance in shifts whenever they can during the arduous, nearly 12 hour day.


True to his word | Newly elected borough councillor Howard Stevens has shut down his campaign facebook page. That’s really good model and practice for everyone. Or at a minimum — quit commenting and discontinue all comments.

Issues | “Pennsylvania Department of State addresses General Election and voting machine issues”FOX43-TV

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