Law firm answers the questions: “It’s That Time Again – Reorganization Question and Answer”

This York law firm, Stock and Leader, provides the answers to the question of school districts board of directors’ required reorganization meetings.


“Each December, when snow starts to fall and the holidays are right around the corner, every board of school directors knows: it’s time for board reorganization. The Public School Code requires that during the first week of December, each school board reorganize and elect its president and vice president. During election years, board reorganization is also the meeting at which newly elected board members formally assume seats on the board and begin their new terms of office. Here are some common questions … in relation to board reorganization (answers to these questions are here):

Q: Does the annual reorganization meeting always have to be the first week of December?

Q: Does the meeting need to be advertised?

Q: Can the board commence a regularly scheduled business meeting at the same time as an organization meeting?

Q: What is the format and processes to be followed during the reorganization meeting?

Q: Can a new board member be president?

Q: May persons nominated for officer positions make a statement or campaign speech?

Q: What happens if a person nominated for an officer position does not receive a majority of votes?

Q: During voting, are paper ballots or secret ballots allowed?

Q: Who has the power to administer the oath?

Q: What else can the board do at a reorganization meeting?



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