Monday’s news items, part 2 [snow?; meetings in the borough; sicko sportsmen; color theory & more] – 12/2/2019

Snow? | “Total daytime snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible” is what the National Weather Service is saying. Today’s Weather!

first week of dec meetings

This weeks borough meetings | posted at the Borough Website

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Sicko “sportsmen”“Pa. Game Commission investigates video of deer tortured by apparent hunters: In the video, the two appear to kick the animal in the face repeatedly and rip off one of its antlers.”WITF

“The Pennsylvania Game Commission is aware of a video purporting to show individuals assaulting an injured deer. The conduct portrayed in the video is reprehensible and potentially a violation of the law. Pennsylvania State Game Wardens are currently investigating the matter. If you have any information related to the video, we ask that you report it to the Operation Game Thief Hotline at 1-888–PGC-8001 or the Game Commission’s Northwest Region Dispatch Office at 814-432-3187. Thank you for your help and for your concern for Pennsylvania wildlife.”

shopping bags

Color Theory 101 | When a merchant makes an innocent construction, observation about the readability of the free parking bags used during Columbia’s Small Business Saturday at a local facebook page, some saw that as a opportunity to blast the messenger.

“Figuring out which colors work well with others isn’t just a matter of chance. There is actually a science behind which colors work well together.” Darker colors (RED on BLACK or BLACK on RED) can be tricky.




  1. Regarding the deer, I’m really hoping they get those responsible for this heinous act and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. This is beyond belief, what a human is capable of…any friend of theirs might want to rethink that.

  2. We agree fully. For some, the capacity for cruelty and depravity is beyond comprehension.

    At another site, this comment is spot on: “OK, well, we are basically destroying the planet and threatening the survival of millions of species. We’re lazy, dangerous, and sadistic animals. We are so stupid, we don’t realize that there are millions and millions of other animals out there who have fallen victim to our selfish ways. I mean, come on, we are the worst.”

  3. The Columbia business owner that posted about the meter covers was just trying to be helpful in letting people know the parking was free. I don’t understand why the one commentor was so nasty. He basically called shoppers blind and stupid for not knowing what the bags said. I was sort of miffed by the attitude.

  4. Also, regarding the deer. Those guys, and everybody else, ought to watch or re-watch the movie “The Deer Hunter.” Just maybe folks would understand the importance of life and that it should be treated respectfully.

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