Thursday’s news items [Columbia’s LL football all-stars; Oh, Microsoft; “verbal bitch slap” & more] – 12/5/2019

LL League football all-stars | Congratulations to Columbia’s Ryan Redding, Matt Gambler, Matt McCleary, Darnell Tucker, Aiden Gladfelter, Julius Martinez, Keegan Zink, and Javan Collozo, each of whom garnered recognition as voted upon by the league’s coaches. – Lancaster Online article

goodbye windows 7Bwa-a-h-h: AN OPINION | Microsoft, we hate this change … just as much as we hated the change from Windows XP. Frankly, the upgrades and news systems that you revere are major impositions on Customers. The operating system on our laptop is the “new and enhanced” Windows 10 … and we hate it. Microsoft, you may look at this as an advancement — we view it differently. We look at this as a way to sell new systems and replacement computers. We’re quite comfortable with what we have and we will, begrudgingly, be forced to go along with your forced “improvement.” We’ll even have to carve out time to learn how to drive Windows 10. Sure glad that mechanics at car repair shops don’t tell me they only work on newer cars.

“verbal bitch-slap” moment | “Law professor schools Trump crony on impeachment”Vanity Fair

School board to legislator | An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster has ELANCO School Board of Director’s conservative former president deciding to launch a campaign against an incumbent state legislator, Rep. David Zimmerman, in next year’s primary. One of the reasons: “some of the ethical issues.”

Interesting | At Manheim Township’s School Board of Directors’ Reorganization Meeting, directors had a split vote on who would be the Board’s president … and vice president. – LNP – Always Lancaster school brief

The importance of Census 2020 | “Population Count Will Inform How and Where Billions of Dollars Will Be Spent for the Next Decade”US Census Bureau

The meaning of open meetings | Why doesn’t every public entity, organization, board, commission do this? From a news release: “The PUC will hold its regular public meeting on Thursday, December 5, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. in Hearing Room 1 on the second floor of the Commonwealth Keystone Building in Harrisburg.”

You may view the agenda by selecting:

The PUC will be streaming video of its regularly scheduled public meetings live at



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