Thursday’s news items, part 2 [news from a wider view] – 12/5/2019

This evening at 6:00 pm | Two School Board of Directors’ meetings include a reorganization of school board meeting followed by the Committee of the Whole meeting; find the agendas here.

“like” living | “When people migrate within the US, they tend to move to other counties that reflect their political preferences.”Futurity

the future comes faster | “Homeland Security Wants To Expand Airport Face Scans To U.S. Citizens”Newsy


Remember the plot | Minority Report

“vague and likely unconstitutional” | This town wants to make it against the law to “annoy, alarm or threaten the personal safety” of on-duty police officers or other first responders.” – Route Fifty

Noble action following heinous action | “LAPD union will not defend officer accused of fondling dead woman’s breasts”The Los Angeles Times

Dictator’s playbook | First, control the courts; then manage, suppress or eliminate the news outletsNewsy

Equal society | “States imprison black people at five times the rate of whites — a sign of a narrowing yet still-wide gap”The Washington Post

This Christmas | “The Best Thing You Can Do Is Not Buy More Stuff.”NPR

POTUS offendus

Comment following Guardian article | “A plane was about to crash, there were four passengers on the plane: Lebron James, President Donald Trump, the Pope, a small boy and only three parachutes. Lebron said ‘i am the greatest basketball player in the NBA , the Lakers and my millions of fans need me’ so he took 1st pack and leaped from the plane. Donald Trump then said ‘I am the President of the United States, i am the smartest President in American History, the Republicans and those who voted for me don’t want me to die’ so he grabbed a pack and leaped from the plane. the Pope looked at the boy and said, ‘my son, take the third pack , i am old and not many years left, you are young with many years ahead of you, take the last parachute’ the little boy smiled and replied ‘its ok your holiness, there is a parachute for both of us, America’s smartest president took my school bag’” – The Guardian



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