Sunday’s news items [employment opportunities; cost of government; property sales; dining and restaurant inspections; hoops scores & more] – 12/8/2019

Jobs in ColumbiaEnforcement Officer neededColumbia Borough Website | Full time Bookkeeper at Sager & Swisher – Veterinary Receptionist at Columbia Animal Hospital – Childcare Director – St. John Neumann School for Children and FamiliesMultiple Employment Opportunities at Columbia Borough School District.

municipal adsClassified ads at the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Website

Costs of guv’mint | Lawsuits: County lawsuits cost “nearly a million dollars” in the past five years. – Lancaster Online

“back room” politics | “Why 19 elected officials you’ve never heard of will play a pivotal role in the 2020 Republican primary in eastern Lancaster County” Lancaster Online

Tip-Off  consolations | Both Columbia basketball teams downed yesterday: Boys lose to Northern, 69-50 and Girls dropped in 61-55 loss to Schuylkill Valley.

Complaint inspection | Columbia McDonald’s in West Hempfield Township gets successful inspection report.145 no

Is incivility recent? | Nah, this columnist investigates harsh commentary and finds there’ve been nasty Americans before the Internet. In 1989, pre-Internet, the writer found “The current decline of civility is unprecedented. Especially in the United States.”

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