Sunday’s news items, part 2 [higher & wider news items: creepy Christmas; a love story; Peloton flicks & more] – 12/8/2019


Creepy Christmas? | “Field of Screams is getting into the holiday spirit with their new Creepy Christmas celebration.”FOX43-TV

“kept digging deep” | That’s Toomey’s advice for supporters at this “if the crowd — paying $1,250 for lunch or $2,500 for a ‘VIP reception with Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Karen, — kept digging deep.'”– The Morning Call

The Peloton star | in another commercialThe Boston Globe

SNL’s version of the Peloton spot.

“split-second combat decision” | The “the laws of war and ethics” do matter. A combat veteran’s view.The Washington Post

“Love and hope” | This New York Times long read is definitely worth the time: Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later. He Had One Question.” 

“Eat For 10 Hours. Fast For 14” | This works.NPR

Letter to the editor | “Pennsylvania Drivers: “No Tickets For Us!” – the Legislature

Tell your Representative to vote NO on Speed Trap Bill SB 607: RADAR for municipal police.

Our Representatives and Senators will have immunity from RADAR tickets. But, they (or their chauffeurs) don’t drive the posted speed limits. They drive 85th Percentile Speeds like the rest of us. So they are “speeders,” like the rest of us.

They won’t pay. It will be us schmoes who will pay. And pay, and pay, and PAY. A Catch 22 for the masses, but immunity for the ruling class (oops, I mean the Legislature). It’s a scam, like the guaranteed raises the ruling class voted for themselves at midnight, years ago.

“It’s For Safety!” are the first words out of their mouths, but the last thing on their minds.

M-O-N-E-Y, OUR money, is what they are after. Not for our money? Then mandate posting limits at the safest speeds. Not for our money? Then make tickets points only.

More to the point, there IS no “speeding” crisis.

Analysis of data from twenty-five states confirms exceeding the speed limit is not a significant cause of accidents. Out of 2.7 million traffic accidents recorded in twenty-five states over the course of a year, only 1.6 percent were caused by drivers who exceeded the posted speed limit. Zero need for predatory enforcement with RADAR.

Tell your Representative to vote NO on Speed Trap Bill SB 607.

Tom McCarey, Member, National Motorists Association

28ht amendment

“fake news” garbage | “A meme circulating online falsely claims that there is a 28th Amendment to the Constitution that bars lawmakers from exempting themselves from having to comply with existing laws. There is no such amendment.”





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