Monday’s news items [Legal notices; meeting notices; storage auctions & more] – 12/9/2019

“Thousands of cases, billions at stake” | “Surge of new abuse claims threatens church like never before” The Morning Call

LEGAL NOTICE | Hearing first – then a meeting on December 16: “Notice is hereby given that the Ordinance summarized below will be considered by Borough Council of the Borough of Columbia for adoption following a zoning hearing pursuant to the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code to be held at a special meeting of Council on Monday, December 16, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. in Columbia Borough School District’s Administration Building located at 200 North Fifth Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania. – posted at the borough Website and in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Another LEGAL NOTICE | Modification at 401 Locust StreetLancaster Online

Careful, Kim | you could be unfriendedFOX43-TV

What? Government lies? | U.S. officials misled public about Afghan war, confidential documents reveal” – The Washington Post

On the calendar this week | at the Columbia Public Library

storage auction

Also in the classified pages | In addition to lots of municipality notices about next year’s meetings dates, budgets, zoning hearing board meetings and ancillary meetings, the LEGAL NOTICES in the publication of general circulation also have lots of storage auctions. The bottom line of these LEGAL NOTICES: If you rent a space to store your stuff, you have to pay. If you don’t pay in accordance with the state law, the owner of the storage space can sell your stuff.

“While it varies a little bit from state-to-state, the rules for self-storage are ultimately decided by your state legislature. Here in Pennsylvania, self storage facilities operate under the rules set forth in the Pennsylvania Self Storage Facility Act. The Pennsylvania law was originally adopted in 1982, but it was modified in 2014. The big modifications for 2014 included letting storage facilities contact customers by email when they were behind on their rent and in danger of losing their stuff. Pretty amazing, right? It only took the state 14 years to join the 21st century.” –

Stop enabling | “Linda Ronstadt tells Pompeo he will be loved when he ‘stops enabling Trump'” The Guardian




  1. Just the idea of a special meeting held days before the end of the year and the end of the current council, stinks. The number of changes alone has to be unprecedented. Having Zoning and Council holding a special meeting is special alright…

  2. No big surprise that they will try to pass this before the end of the year. I wonder if they still have time to ram through rezoning for a hotel.

  3. It’s questionable whether this sitting council may legally “ram through anything.”

    According to the Pennsylvania Legislator’s Desk on Local Government: ” no municipal legislative body can take action that will bind its successors by entering into a contract that will extend beyond the term for which the members of the body were elected.”

    That’s verbiage from a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Decision in 2000 that reads: “In the performance of sovereign or governmental, as distinguished from business or proprietary, functions, no legislative body, or municipal board having legislative authority, can take action which will bind its successors. It cannot enter into a contract which will extend beyond the term for which the members of the body were elected.”

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