Friday’s news items, part 2 [news items from a more distant view: holiday loneliness; best photos; reviews & more] – 12/20/2019

Emma & Noah | The most popular names for Americans born in this decade according to the Social Security Administration.


Holiday loneliness | “For many, the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ feels fraught with the possibility of loneliness and disappointment.”Futurity

“A Stunning Vote Reversal | in a Controversial First Amendment Case”Route Fifty

new yorker best photographyA portrait of Jessica Lester, whose husband, a police officer, attempted to murder her and frame it as a suicide—taken for a report by Rachel Aviv. Photograph by Danna Singer for The New Yorker”

A “best list” | Artistically bent, the best New Yorker photography of 2019The New Yorker Magazine 


The new GOP | The party of abject submission. The New Yorker

Brutal reviews | The long awaited Christmas movie, Cats. is getting lots of brutal reviews (and not many stars or thumbs up). Here’s one: “Cats is a talent show, and the prize is euthanasia. Hello Kitty!” And another: “I truly believe our divided nation can be healed and brought together as one by ‘Cats’ — the musical, the movie, the disaster. In other news, my eyes are burning. Oh God, my eyes.”



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