Saturday’s news items [space & digital junk; darkest days; distress at DCED & more] – 12/21/2019

Today’s the shortest day | Sunrise is at 7:23 am; Sunset is at 4:43 pm — 9 hours and 19 minutes of daylight.

But tomorrow | Sunrise is at 7:24 am; Sunset is at 4:44 pm — 9 hours and 19 minutes of daylight.

Then Monday, longer days begin: YAY! | Sunrise is at 7:24 am; Sunset is at 4:44 pm — 9 hours and 20 minutes of daylight. – SOURCE:

space junkThis computer illustration depicts the density of space junk around Earth in low-Earth orbit. (Image credit: ESA)”

Left over junk | Just as there is left over junk in space — “With the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957, mankind began its journey to reach the stars. But although the first probe in space returned to Earth after only three short months, it kicked off a series of launches that not only inspired people around the world but also filled the region with large chunks of inert metal.” — there is leftover election junk all over facebook. It’s time to clean up outer space and digital space by taking down those unsuccessful facebook pages.

“Old” fb posts bite school board director | “Palmyra Area School Board member comments on her divisive Facebook posts”The Lebanon Daily News

Telling | Senator Amy Klobuchar (during the most recent Democratic debate) “asked every attorney general candidate we’ve had under Donald Trump, both of whom I opposed, about their respect for the First Amendment. And they have refused, they have refused to follow the rules that Attorney General Holder put in place when it came to protecting our journalists.”

While state level elected public servants did | “Half of Americans got no pay raise this year”MarketPlace

SOURCE: Columbia Borough Website

a little extra help | “The Legion Family spirit of giving”

DCED distress | “Canceled meetings and finger-pointing plague top Pa. economic development agency” : “Some say backroom disputes between board members of the Commonwealth Financing Authority are delaying funding.” – SpotlightPA

video updateSOURCE: Columbia Borough facebook page

List includes person in Columbia | “State accuses 45 people of welfare fraud, including 8 from Central PA”FOX43-TV




    • Guessing there’s “rounding” taken into consideration; hours, minutes, seconds included in the computation?

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