Friday’s news items [highest taxes; Wilbur recall; where’s that trolley?; library events; “scenes seen” & more] – 1/3/2020

Still on top in 2020! | Columbia’s still got the highest combined (municipal plus school) tax millage for property taxes in the county.Lancaster County Website


Fed Report | Tariffs Drove Manufacturing Job LossesRoute Fifty

Scenes seenscenes 01-03

Top to bottom, left to right: What people coming to Columbia see coming to town via the Route 462 “gateway.” A brand spanking new Dollar General across The River outside of Wrightsville north of the Rutter’s Store on Cool Springs Road between Route 462 and US Route 30). The sign by the not-long-ago-completed parking area on Commerce Street reads “LONG TERM PARKING NOT PERMITTED.” What is the definition of “Long Term Parking?” A photo of the parking area.

What would the US do? | If this happened here: “Australia’s Wildfire Crisis: Key Numbers Behind the Disaster”Bloomberg

What would the US do? | If this happened here: A foreign nation’s leader called a killing strike here– The Times of London

Census 2020 Travis Lehr Jan 2020 tues - friday

But … | Columbia has a trolley; Elizabethtown does not. (See more comparisons here.)

Doing the right thing | Illinois legalizes marijuana use and “Illinois Governor Pardons More Than 11,000 Marijuana Convictions”Newsy

sheetz cig sales

Starting Monday | You have to be 21 to buy cigarettes at Sheetz.

recallRECALL | “Wilbur recalls 39 one-pound bags of product packaged as Wilbur Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews – Wheat Allergen Presence” news release

PreSchool Pals January 2020“PreSchool Pals” | Ages 2 to 5 and adult caregiver. Preschoolers and their adult Pals are welcome to join Kathie Ingoglia beginning January 6 at 10:30 AM. First theme is:  “Happy New Year”




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