Too nice to be inside | “scenes and signs seen” on a Locust Street (and elsewhere) saunter


harb paint

The Haitian Maranantha Bible Church on the 20 Block of Locust Street remains partly painted  due to the stoppage proclamation for a Historic Architectural Review Board violation of painting an unpainted masonry surface.

coming soonAt the “coming soon”location in the 400 block of Locust Street, a peek in hole in the sign shows the inside.

signs 2Wondering whether Columbia’s new interim zoning officer is making this impact on the haphazard signage in the downtown area? With the exception of the annoying flags in the 200 block of Locust Street, all the other (above) sandwich board signs are not on borough property sidewalks, they’re on property owner property. Small, but appreciated steps.

signsThe notification of the Historical Architectural Review Board’s hearing slated for later today; this building is in the 400 block of Locust Street. A rabbittransit sign gently reminds folks to refrain from littering. Another welcome L. Weber sign; this company’s sign in in front of a building means the building will be “looking great.”

signs 3There’s concern at the bottom of Locust. Concern, because of the banner hanging on borough property. Reckon that implied permission to hang a non-borough message on borough property is an invitation to anyone and everyone that they have permission to hang their signs there too? Guess that goes, too, for the sandwich board on borough property? Wonder when the property owner will take ownership for the sidewalk mess and clean it up?

zoning permitsThere are a slew of zoning permits plastered on buildings along Locust Street. Is it not reasonable to assume that the zoning permits should be readable by interested parties? How’s that possible when it’s posted high atop the door transom at the top left property?

spot comboThe Spot will be reopening on Saturday, January 18 at 10:00 am and the Kids Eat Free sign caught our attention. A gentleman came out from the restaurant and handed us a menu; click here to see the menu.

buiding for lease
A couple blocks away at the corner of Third and Linden, there are buildings formerlyh occupied by the former Colonial Metals with “LEASED*” AND “NOW LEASING” in front of them. 217 Linden Street could be Coworking Space. The one on the corner of Third and Locust appears to be “Leased” because it’s not shown at this commercial properties in Columbia listing. If the property at Third and Linden is leased; it looks like a great site to occupy.

zion hillAnd a couple blocks or so from Third and Locust is the Zion Hill Cemetery. If you attended (in person or via livestreaming or facebook streaming) last night’s borough council meeting, near the end of the meeting a gentleman representing a re-enactor group attended to secure permission to have a memorial event at the Cemetery later this year.



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