Wednesday’s news items, part 3 [racism; resist; why’s and “Honestly, Gwyneth, where’s your head?”] – 1/15/2020

“Because racism is alive and well.” | OPINION: “Meghan Markle proved being a princess isn’t what it’s cracked up to be — especially if you’re black”The Inquirer

Resist | “During World War Two, the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands turned three teenage girls into fierce resistance fighters. Truus Oversteegen, Freddie Oversteegen and Hannie Schaft have been remembered for their technique of luring collaborators into the forest for them to be executed.” – BBC


Seriously? | “Why is Gwyneth Paltrow selling a candle that smells like her vagina?”The Guardian


Why is so difficult to be Customer oriented? | Why is it so hard for Columbia Borough to get a Customer focused Website?

  • Why is the Contact Us page, while at least current, so jumbled?
  • Why is the mayor shown first thus sending an incorrect message that that position is somehow in charge. In boroughs in Pennsylvania, borough councillors are the decision makers.
  • Why is the Chamber of Commerce — a non-governmental entity —listed on this government page at the Contact Us page?
  • Why are borough staffers not listed as they are at Ephrata Borough’s site?
  • Why is the Right-To-Know (RTK) form listed at the Forms page — and there is no information about to whom the form should be submitted? At the Website, this is the Open Records page that shows Rebecca Denlinger as the go-to source for Right-To-Know, yet at the January 6, 2020 Borough Council meeting, this was an agenda item: “Theresa O’Donnell as Open Records Officer.” The item was put into a motion and the councillors passed the motion.
  • Why is there no contact information shown for O’Donnell.
  • Why couldn’t the borough have an online RTK page as Ephrata does?

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