Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [rising credit tide; beer & wine sales; killing camels & more] – 1/15/2020

What’s yours? | “Today, 59% of Americans have FICO scores of 700 or higher, and ‘good credit’ is typically defined as a FICO score of between 670 and 739, according to the originator of the FICO scale. The situation was pretty different 10 years ago, in the aftermath of the Great Recession. What’s changed? Lenders are more conservative now, and consumers are more likely to pay up because –– you guessed it –– they have jobs. ‘As more people get higher credit scores, does that mean that everybody’s credit is a lot better and they’re still safe to lend to?’ We won’t really know until four or five years down the road.” – MarketPlace

younger workers

It’s time | “How Governments Are Recruiting Young Workers”Route Fifty

Beer and Wine Sales Begin at Turkey Hill in Columbia | LANCASTER, PA, January 14, 2020 — Sales of Pennsylvania wines and domestic and imported cold beer debuted Monday at the Turkey Hill Minit Markets store at 301 Linden Street in Columbia. The store is Turkey Hill’s fifth location in Lancaster County to begin selling beer and wine, and their 26th in Pennsylvania.

Turkey Hill stores that sell beer and wine focus their wine offerings on Pennsylvania’s regional wineries. The Columbia store features vintages from Spring Gate Vineyard in Harrisburg.

Also new to the store is a freshly constructed 30-seat dining area, providing customers with an eat-in option for the store’s foodservice menu, featuring a variety of meal, side order and snack selections.

The beer and wine launch in Columbia is Turkey Hill’s latest in a series of successful debuts covering 13 Pennsylvania counties so far. – news release

Survival of the fittest: 10,000 Camels killed in five days | Why? They compete with humans for waterNewsy

New website | Pennsylvania’s Democrat ic campaign committee announces new Websitewith expanded features.e-release


America’s favorite poison | You guessed it: AlcoholThe Atlantic

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