Wednesday’s news items [snow?; council meeting video; winners & cheaters & more] – 1/15/2020

Wintry mix | Saturday’s forecast: Despite the doom & gloom and milk & bread statements people are hearing on TV and other places, the National Weather Service is now saying: “Snow before 2 pm, then snow, freezing rain, and sleet between 2pm and 3pm, then rain, snow, and sleet after 3pm. High near 39. Chance of precipitation is 100%.” See more here: Today’s Weather.

income expense

Philly consultants view | Lancaster City’s hired consultants agree with its mayor and says it has a “structural deficit that can’t be fixed by local action alone.” There’s the truth that the City says it needs more money; the money will come from taxes. There’s another side of the coin, however; maybe it’s time to look at cutting on some of the costs.

i-bet-my-dad-can-beat-up-your-dad-nuhYeah, there was some of that.

Last night’s council meeting | Last night’s council meeting was livestreamed and is archived at the Borough facebook page. Several former councillors and the mayor praised Rebecca Denlinger for her work as the borough manager; they applauded her success in grant writing. Denlinger has announced her resignation as borough manager effective January 16, 2020. She will become Elizabethtown borough’s borough manager; the mayor stated that Elizabethtown recruited her for the position.

Sneaky bastards | We printed our recent Comcast bill (internet and rock-bottom cable is now $100.64); it is on the stack of “things to do” on the desk. The reason it’s there is we want to call Comcast to ask about the unannounced increase. This letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster is all about that.

Winners don’t cheat and cheaters don’t win | Everyone knows that in today’s wold that nice-to-say ditty is not what happens. Cheaters do win; just look at Floyd Landis and now Alex Cora. As those cheaters in wonderland all seem to spout, “at the end of the day” it does feel good when the cheaters get some of what’s coming to them.

Closed | The Income Store on Millersville Road.Lancaster Online. But, of course, The Income Store’s Website (a Website building opportunity) is Under Construction:

American murder | “For the last century the US government has made it its regular business to execute, or to buy the execution of, men it deemed geopolitically damned. –

Local interest obituary | Kenneth V. Mable – Lancaster Online


  1. A case of white fear(and others for that matter) for this weekend. White bread, white milk, and white toilet paper. Of the three, the only one that is essential is toilet paper. “Little or no accumulation is predicted. Sheesh!

  2. Yeah, Mr. B., but in today’s fear-mongering world, snow news sells panic and as you point out:”white stuff.”

  3. I have a sweatshirt that reads on the front: “Blizzard of ’96 Baltimore MD” and on the back “Who took the last loaf of Bread?” A group of nurses in Baltimore had them made with only one size: Extra Large. I’m sure folks here remember that huge storm that shut down our roads for a weekend in 1996.

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