“We demand a fair and impartial impeachment hearing in the Senate” – a petition

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Senator McConnell has stated that he will be working with the defendant, President Trump, and his administration in preparation for the Impeachment trial. Republicans do not want witnesses to testify, and have already come up with a decision before the trial has begun! There is no doubt Trump blocked subpoenas, that is not hearsay, that is fact. Article 2 of the impeachment is fair and correct. As citizens we have the right to know why an elected official is refusing to allow witnesses to testify, and to know what they have to say. We, the people, demand that the Senate hold a fair and impartial trial, and allow witnesses to testify even if we won’t hear testimony first hand. A fair trial will not only end the impasse between the House and the Senate, it is the right thing to do. No President should be given carte blanche. A fair trial will also put an end to the country divide on the issue. Let the truth be told whatever it might be.  UPDATE: As of December 22, 2019 McConnell has stated he is not opposed to testimony of witnesses of his choosing.  Let’s tell our elected officials we want the WHOLE story to come out and allow witnesses from both sides give testimony.  We do not want the Republican spin of the facts!”



  1. We the People will give them the same as they gave us in the House impeachment Trial. Nothing. Witnesses should have been done there where it was suppose to happen. Trump Rules for 5 more years. Get over it. This Post by the Columbia news is bias just like CNN. We will sign no Petition.

  2. DLJ …

    Presidents preside.

    Kings, despots, dictators and zealots rule.

    At this point, this nation is a democratic republic. Perish the thought of a day when someone rules over the United States. Anyone.

    • Just like a Democrat , take Trump Rules and twist it into a Dictatorship. This a Group that I belong too on Facebook. Nothing more nothing less. Trump will go down in history as the man that saved America from the Crooked , and deceiving Democrats. So which one of these Presidential losers from the demo party would you trust to hang your Star on. I’m waiting.

  3. Wrongo, DLJ … been registered Republican until I registered Independent. I friggin’ hate political parties; there ain’t a spit of difference between the two primary ones we have.

    Have always voted for the ones I think are the least objectionable in spite of party. Cannot ever recall voting a straight party ticket.

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