Saturday’s news items [food inspections; more sugar & salt; in praise of grandma’s & more] – 1/18/2020


Restaurant inspections this week | Three local reports: Burger KingColumbia MartProspect Diner

From an LNP  – Always Lancaster article | “CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health has been searching for a child and adolescent psychiatrist for more than a year now, Vice President of Operations Beth Grossman said, and meanwhile it has a wait list and can’t serve new patients. Amid a nationwide shortage in the field, she said, ‘this is a common challenge that organizations are having to fill psychiatric positions.’” – Extracted from an article about an initiative announced by the Lancaster osteopathic Health Foundation. The Foundation announced an initiative yesterday; the program will provide  financial support to help boost the opportunities to “get the supervision required to be licensed. The program is for people who have earned master’s degrees in the field but can’t seek licensure until they have been supervised for up to 3,000 clinical hours.”

Yeah, let’s have more sugar, salt and junk calories for schools | “Kids across the US are eating fewer whole grains and more sugary milk in school lunches. See how federal rules have changed for the worse.”Business Insider

Audio report | “the secrets behind money in politics” – a four minute audio from MarketPlace

Local obituary | Marian L. Kaufhold, Columbia

“On her hands and knees. With a heart pill on her tongue.” | Great visual in this column by Gina Barreca:“I’m turning into my own grandma.”The Hartford Courant

Related | “My teenager brought an ‘infant simulator’ home from school, and I think I’m a grandma now”The Boston Globe

Updates | on the fundraiser for the mom and daughter killed in fire.gofundme


Mercenary nation | “In 1991, at the time of the Persian Gulf war, one in 50 people fighting the war was an American civilian contractor (aka: mercenary); that proportion crept to one in 10 by 1996, during Bosnia, according to a 2002 New York Times story. The latest figures from last fall show that that ratio is now nearly 1 to 1. And that’s just American contractors/mercenaries.” “The War Machine Is Run on Contracts” The Atlantic

Can you believe the news | when government controls the news: “Trump administration changes how reporters access timely economic data?”MarketPlace




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