Sunday’s news items [Hot property area: 100 block of Walnut Street; proclamations & more] – 1/19/2020

Property sale | Cimarron Investments acquires 150 Walnut Street for $250,000. County records show that Todd Kramer sold that property to Amir Abdelmesseh for $90,700 in 2013.

Neighboring property sale | Interestingly, Spring Valley Partners, LLC, 837 Aylersbury Drive, Lancaster PA 17601 acquired 152 Walnut Street for $267,500. County records for that property show it was last sold in 2016 for $125,000.

Mayor’s proclamations | During the January 7 borough council meeting, the mayor read the first two proclamations of the year (click here to read both):

  • Proclamation No. 2020-01: Celebrating the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday of January 20, 2020
  • Proclamation No. 2020-02; Celebrating Catholic School’s Week- January 26-February 1, 2020


Tomorrow | “MLK Day 2020 – Martin Luther King Jr Day”

Official Holiday | Borough offices will be closed.

Employment opportunity | Economic Development Financing Manager

“Can I delete a message I really regret sending?” | This is one of the social media questions Kim Komando answers.


Beginning next SundayCatholic Schools Week 2020

POTUS task force

Equal opportunity? | OPINION: We received this “invitation(?)” to respond to a survey and contribute. Though registered as an independent, evidently the Republican Pennsylvania Task Force (sent by the Republican National Committee) is an equal opportunity solicitor of funds by inviting us to serve as a member of the President’s Republican Presidential Task Force. The form letter is signed by Donald J. Trump. We’re shut out of voting in primary elections, but the Republican National Committee doesn’t care about that.



  1. Equal opportunity? Yeah, right, give us your money. There is no need for you to vote in the primary. We know best what’s good for you. Just lie back and enjoy it.

    I am reminded of those Citi Group credit card TV commercials where the speaker at the end says, “What’s in your wallet?” Don’t they mean, “Whose in your wallet?”

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