Sunday’s news items, part 2 [duped?; kinda’ like fake news & more news from more distant resources] – 1/19/2020

Remember when | the borough council adopted an ordinance to appoint an assistant borough manager depending on how the council members feel or who’s being groomed to be a borough manager?

Remember when | Columbia Borough council adopted an ordinance to prohibit games of skill in the borough? On the advice of counsel? Well, turns out Columbia and other municipalities appear to have been duped by the casino industry. See this article at the Middletown Press & Journal

“What is the skill in a ‘skill game’? | It’s akin to Tic-Tac-Toe, Simon Says”The Middletown Press & Journal

despots dig in | “Today’s world abounds with examples authoritarians and autocrats, tightening their grip in chaotic, confusing times. This week, there may have been a message in all the American messiness. Elections count. Legislators have real powers and responsibilities. A free press can break important, critical stories about people in power. Even an imperfect democracy can give dissident voices the chance to be heard and keep open chances for change.”NPR

dammit; is it everywhere? | “The lack of transparency over the last month about what happened, who was responsible, and whether there was a continued safety threat exacerbated anxiety and engendered traumatic effects, neighbors said.” – The Inquirer

Kinda’ like fake news, but | Inaccurate: “Initial Reports of No Injuries from Iran’s Attack Were Inaccurate”

also kinda’ like fake news, but | Shifting stories: “Trump Administration’s Shifting Statements on Soleimani’s Death”

killing insects

Playbook for poisoning the earth | “Though neonicotinoids are banned in the EU, a sophisticated information war has kept these insecticides — toxic to bees, birds, and more — on the U.S. market.”

God told her so | “Police say woman drove into oncoming car as test of faith”The Morning Call

Finally — No. 1 in something | The MAGA-manipulator is bent on destruction by debt: “$11 Billion And Counting: Trump’s Border Wall Would Be The World’s Most Costly”NPR

great wall

This one’s better | At least people can walk on this wall.


This’ll never happen here | That’s what so many thought about Venezuela. But there’s a rise and a collapse under “very stable genius” leadership. Read this horror story about life and death in Venezuela: “His Dad Died In A Venezuelan Hospital. What He Saw In The Morgue Still Haunts Him.”

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