Thursday’s news items – 1/23/2020

Cheeky — but not a surprise in the age of arrogance | Stedman submits bill for lawsuit against commissioners, teeing up new legal battleLancsterOnline

01-13 columbia muni briefClick on the graphic to enlarge this municipal brief in today’s LNP | Always Lancaster.

The usual suspects |U.S. national media have been lazy in their treatment of our military pandering to the military itself and using retired general officers with ties to the military-industrial complex as spokesmen.” – CounterPunch [It is easy to get slanted information when media always contacts the sae sources It’s like always getting quotes from the mayor of a borough.]

fastnachts 2020

No photo description available.

Oh no | “Flyers mascot Gritty is under investigation for alleged assault”WITF



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