Saturday’s news items [Columbia’s coach; snow rewind; .org & more] – 1/25/2020

“Lucky to be alive | Columbia boys hoops coach Glover continues recuperation from October car accident.Lancaster Online

Trying to follow the money | “About $200,000 for defunct police force is ‘missing.’ Pequea officials won’t pay until it’s found.”Lancaster Online

deep darkness is everywhere | “NFL’s Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis” Lancaster Online

page one

“Winter Storm Jonas | A look back to when 26-plus inches of snow fell in Lancaster County in January 2016″Lancaster Online

Columbia news, views & reviews on that first day | “Here it is …” 

dot org 2(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Once there was a time | when ethics existed. Once the .org extender to a Website was a sign that the entity with the .org extender was a registered, honest-to-goodness not-for-profit entity. That’s changed since “Ethos Capital then went on to acquire the Public Interest Registry from Internet Society for a little over a billion dollars.”

dot org

Once, not-for-profits had to comply with IRS guidelines. Once, not-for-profit entities had to demonstrate they complied with state and federal guidance to even be a not-for-profit and carry a .org extender. Seems those stipulations have been trashed and thrown away and now “The company that controls the dot-org online universe is putting the registry of domain names up for sale, and the nonprofits that often use the suffix in their websites are raising concerns about the move.”

It’s a post-ethics world | “York County business owner embezzles nearly $800K from elderly non-profit”FOX43-TV

CrimeWatch report | Woman charged with “intimidating a witness and terroristic threats while in the 300 block of Cherry Street.”

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