Saturday’s news items, part 2 [palindrome; flu; Read across America & more] – 02/01/2020

Coming in Lancaster | $18M apartment project with 104 upscale apartments that will generate new tax revenue — will be begun. “No government dollars are involved in the project financing, officials said.”

02022020 backwards is 02022020 | “Sunday’s date is a rare, extra-special palindrome”The Boston Globe


Story time in an elementary classroom

“13 Big Ideas | for Celebrating NEA’s Read Across America” 

“Big Brother isn’t just watching. | He’s in the passenger seat. Column: Your car dealer may be quietly selling your data to your insurer.” The Los Angeles Times

Trust, but verify | Recall President Reagan’s credo when dealing with the Soviet Union? Ours, too, learned in the military: “We trust no one, but thee and me — and we’re not sure of thee.” It’s those trusted folks who just cannot be trusted.WITF

“Truly I tell you, crooks and prostitutes are going into the kingdom of God ahead of you.” | That’s what Jesus said in Matthew 21:31. Whoa! Jesus’ saying stirred up the religious and community leaders of his time. No, Jesus did not hate the leaders of his day. But he saw they consciously or unconsciously missed the mark when they looked into the faces of people considered despised. The leaders could not see the face of a human being loved by God, only their negative behavior.”

flu county

We’re a “high case” county | “See how flu season is affecting each county in Pennsylvania”The Morning Call

Into the abyss | BrexitBBC

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