Sunday’s news items [palindrome date; restaurant inspections; Punxsutawney Phil live streaming & more] – 02/02/02020


“Palindrome date | are dates that are the same backward and forward.”Research Maniacs

Restaurant inspections | Here are a few of the local inspections conducted by the PA Department of Agriculture food service inspections last week:

Steer clear | This nearby place — not in Columbiamight be worth avoiding.

Sure appears … | all the fears of State Department of Agriculture food serving inspections are unfounded. Sure appears that Columbia’s fierce reliance on local inspections was all about the revenue the food-serving local inspections generated. – OPINION

Doesn’t matter what the groundhog says | “winter is still nowhere in sight, real forecasters say”The Inquirer

“LIVE – Groundhog Day Celebration | from Punxsutawney at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney”PCN-TV

“Up to 40,000 people | will visit the Pennsylvanian town to watch, which has a population of only 8,000.”The Sun

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