Monday’s news items [Super Bowl notes; monopolies & more] – 2/3/2020

worst to first | “On the way to the worst game of his career, Patrick Mahomes wins Super Bowl MVP”The Kansas City Star


Who says he can’t win the big one? | Andy Reid can … and did | The Inquirer


We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto! | “Donald Trump deletes tweet after congratulating Kansas, not Missouri, for Chiefs’ Super Bowl win” USA Today

In pictures and video | “Lancaster Public Art’s Black History Month event will honor African Americans in uniform” Lancaster Online

school briefs


More than a board game | Here are two more persons chiming in about the incessant price increases from Comcast in letters to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

“No competition produces monopoly The main problems with Comcast’s constant price increases are its lack of competition and lack of regulation. Cable rates are not regulated by the Federal Communications Commission or Public Utilities Commission, and local governments and public utilities are the main obstacles in the entry of competition.

“Local governments control the public “rights of way,” and utilities charge for shared use of lines and poles. Both of these entities can make it financially unfeasible for competition to enter the market and compete.

“Our home is totally electric and provides many services. Pumping water and heating our home are both needed for survival. Cable, internet and phone are not.

“Our electric bill averages $125 a month. Comcast Triple Play is now $193. Frontier Communications is being smothered because landlines are being replaced by cellphones. Frontier is also unable to offer cable with its internet service. Its phone wires are copper and would require an expensive upgrade.

“Maybe someone running for local government or reelection can take this ball and run with it. Until there is viable competition or regulation, Comcast will continue its monopoly.” – Dave Bush East Earl Township

“Price hike on old moviesWhat a nice surprise the other day when I opened my cable bill. The price went up — and yet they took my old movie channel away.

“Oh, but for $9.99 more, I can have it back.

“Wow. Aren’t they nice?” – Esther Polkosky Manheim Township

We’ve written | We’ve written emails to our state senator and state representative asking each to look into making Comcast a public utility subject to the oversight approval of the Pennsylvania Utility Commission. This 2017 Washington Post column, “Access to Internet is a public benefit. It should be regulated that way,” identifies the striking similarities comparing Internet access and electric service.

col codes

Columbia’s codes fleet | Columbia Spy‘sAbout Town 02022020 – This week’s photos of Columbia: Walls, birds, the Market House, and other Columbia curiosities” includes this picture of some of the borough’s fleet of codes vehicles.

municipal contrast


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