Monday’s news items, part 2 [more on football; right to “Right-To-Know” & more\] – 2/3/2020


football concussions“For decades, getting one’s bell rung on the field was considered unremarkable—even a badge of honor.”The New Yorker

“Exactly how dangerous is football? | Players, coaches, and parents must wrestle with a disturbing combination of hazard and uncertainty.”The New Yorker [NOTE: This is a long read.]

Colombian and Puerto Rican |are Super Bowl SuperStars. – CBS News

shakira j-loSingers Shakira and Jennifer Lopez perform during the halftime show at Super Bowl 54 on Sunday. (Charlie Riedel/AP)

two women — at 43 and 50 | “flaunted their sexuality as they sang songs that were all nearly 20 years old.”The Morning Call

“America Amplified” | A national survey on immigration led me to a rural Iowa town changed by immigrants: In Denison, Iowa, “at least 3,000 — or about 30% — are immigrants … “WITF

Pagoda Patty | Six more weeks of winter, another groundhog prognosticator says.WFMZ69-TV

“amoral, entitled and opportunistic” | OPINION: POTUS family heritageThe New York Times

rtk“A screenshot from a flow chart posted on the website of the Pennsylvania Office of Records.”

“Government — whether in DC or the local borough — | works for the taxpayers, not the other way around. And Pennsylvanians get it, according to the results of the latest Franklin & Marshall Poll. The poll found that 79 percent of registered voters said they agreed with this statement: ‘Citizens should have the right to obtain any government record with few restrictions.’ Only 19 percent said the public’s right to government information should apply ‘only in limited circumstances.’ – PA Post e-blast



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