Tuesday’s news items [council meeting tonight; coming events; census privacy; Internet “hellscape” & more] – 2/4/2020

Tonight  | Borough Council “Work Session” Meeting at 7:00 pm

work session

Knit with Gaile February 2020

Friends and Fines February 2020

fastnachts 2020

Crimewatch | Manheim Township Police report: “DUI Arrest, 12:24 a.m., Saturday, February 1, 2020, Harrisburg Pike at Route 30 West (MT) – Thomas L. Moyer, M/50, of Columbia, PA, was charged with the above offense following a traffic stop for a red-light violation. Moyer exhibited signs of impairment and admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages. Moyer was arrested but refused chemical testing. He was processed and taken to Central Arraignment.”

Tough year | An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster reports:

“Lancaster County’s hotel industry had a down year in 2019, but the depth of the descent depends on how performance is measured. The occupancy rate of 54.3% was the weakest since 2011, falling a hefty 10.2% from 2018, according to STR (formerly Smith Travel Research).”

OPINION: You are or you’re not. | A woman doesn’t get more pregnant; she either is or isn’t pregnant. The same, we submit, goes for transparency:. You either are or you’re not. An article about the turbulence in Lancaster County’s Democratic Party leadership appeared in yesterday’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Near the end of the article the newsly elected chief of the Party said, “All it means is that people with more progressive politics might feel more welcome now at the table, and the way our process will work might be a little more transparent.” C’mon, it’s troublesome when leaders, in the look-alike parties at all levels contend they’re as transparent as they can be or they’re going to become a little more transparent. Either you are or you’re not.

Privacy assured | “Census Protections Evolve Continuously to Address Emerging Threats”news release

Except, one time | “How census was used to intern Japanese Americans” Heraldtnet

toxic hellspace

“The Internet Is a Toxic Hellscape | — but We Can Fix It”Wired

“History will not be kind to Donald Trump.

“Because truth matters. Right matters. And decency matters.

“It may be midnight in Washington, but the sun will rise again.

“I put my faith in the optimism of our Founders.

“You should too.” – US Representative Adam Schiff’s  powerful closing argument commentary

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