“m-m-m-m, ba ba” SPAM CALLER | 717.500.8601


Listen to this “m-m-m-m ba ba” SPAM CALL FROM 717.500.8601

Hello this is Beth from WeBuyPA I got your voicemail so I will just leave a quick message we are local homebuyers and we have been buying in the area for 20 years and we’re looking to buy 5 more houses in the next month so not sure if you’ve been thinking of selling or maybe haven’t considered it but if you know of anyone or if you are we would love to hear from you or not realtors or cash buyers so we can close as quickly or as long as a homeowner needs and if you might be interested we’d love to hear from you and you or someone you know can feel free to call us or text us 271-750-0860 extension 1 take care of.  m-m-m ba ba.

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