Thursday’s news item [earliest spring?; school board meeting agenda; playoffs begin; food serving inspections & more] – 1/5/2020

early spring

Earliest in memory | Wow all the signs of spring seem to be everywhere: lots of birds and plants have emerged from untended beds.

Restaurant inspections | We missed these January inspections

  1. Bootleg Antiques
  2. Columbia Mini-Mart
  3. Columbia Pizza
  4. Dairy Queen
  5. Flour Child
  6. Kristen’s Katering

NOTE: This is an error | Tonight @ 6:00 pm | School Board of Directors’ meeting (Committee of the Whole). We received this email from the School District Superintendent sent this email at 11:54 a.m. For some reason, our technology did not work correctly for today’s Board Committee meetings.  There is no Committee of the Whole meeting this evening.  There is individual Committee meetings – Curriculum, Extra-Curricular, and Policy beginning at 6 pm.  I was informed that the Committee of the Whole meeting is listed on your site.  The events calendar on the main page is correct. I apologize for any inconvenience this technical glitch may have caused.”


The chase begins | for the Tide on Tuesday night.

fire and ice

This weekend | begins on Friday evening, Fire and Ice Weekend in Lititz.


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