Thursday’s news items, part 2 [Coming: crime prevention summit; shopping; more dining establishment inspections & more] – 02/06/2020

crime summit

SAVE THE DATE | May 15, 2020Lancaster County Crime Prevention Summit – The fourth annual Lancaster County Crime Prevention Summit is scheduled for May 15 at the IU13 building on New Holland Avenue. The summit, presented by the Lancaster County Crime Prevention Task Force, is a full day of workshops on current trends in our communities, and how residents can protect themselves and families. The event is free to those who register. Registration details will be announced shortly, along with other specifics, including announcement of keynote speaker. – Lancaster County CrimeWatch

restaurant inspections

Across The River inspections | Because of proximity, Wrightsille’s food serving establishment inspections for January are here.

Retail whacking | “Macy’s Closing 125 Stores, Cutting 2,000 Jobs As Mall Stores Struggle”NPR

“Best. Economy. | Ever.*”MarketPlace

park city

Retail culling | A week or so ago on a Sunday afternoon in Park City, the absence of retail vibrancy shows. Two of the major tenants are gone. Walking each of the spokes of the mall was almost a stroll in Columbia as there were not a lot of people in the mall. The store mix is dramatic; there are stores in the mall that would not have been considered in the heyday years. More than a few phone stores; the only one with a sizeable crowd: The Apple Store. Park City opened in 1970 with carpeted floors, we recall. Does anyone recall the four original major department stores to occupy Park City?

155 stores | Park City remains a formidable shopping mecca; and here’s an attraction that may be fun to attend while shopping later this month: “2020 National Anthem Auditions for Lancaster Barnstormers at Center Court.”

We’re lucky | Lots of them are closing; yet the Kmart in West Hempfield Township remains open to serve shoppers.

“a city of 24 million | feels like a ghost town” MarketPlace

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