Tuesday’s news items [dropping like flies & more] – 3/3/2020

Let’s hope! | Let’s hope that whomever sets up the video recording device for tonight’s Borough Council meeting checks it out before streaming it. Let’s hope that the councillors and others speaking during the meeting enunciate, speak clearly and into the microphones, too.

Position notice | Magisterial District Court Clerk

Other interesting jobs | Posted here.

bastard legislators: thieves and scoundrels | “Pa. lawmakers black out details of why they spent tax dollars, claiming ‘legislative privilege’”SpotlightPA

Redditors | ““Disinformation and intentionally making people think false things is pretty much the opposite of the scientific endeavor. Trying to understand how the universe works is hard enough for humanity without some assholes trying to mislead people.” From this Fast Company article: “‘I have a duty to do this’: Meet the Redditors fighting 2020’s fake news war”

Why’s the DA’s office so non-transparent? | Lancaster Judge grants “intervenor status” to LNP – Always Lancaster‘S ONLY AFTER IT FILES RIGHT-TO-KNOW.


Dropping like flies | Even before today’s Super Tuesday. a bunch of contenders for the Democratic Party’s Presidential top spot have calculated they cannot garner enough voter (or big money) support; Klobucher, Butigieg and Steyer have thrown in the towel.

In 1837 | Congress increases US Supreme Court membership from 7 to 9. 

lack of oversight | “500 properties Philly sold for $1 are blighted or owe nearly $900,000 in back taxes”The Inquirer

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  1. I read in the NY Times this morning: Late-night comedy: “So, I guess we learned to pronounce ‘Buttigieg’ for nothing.” Jimmy Kimmel said.

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