Wednesday’s news items [Council work session notes & more] – 3/4/2020

good-bad news

last night’s Council work session | To now, 823 people watched at least part of last night’s livestreamed meeting. That’s includes some of the in-person attendees. Much improved camera placement noted; willingness to speak clearly and into the microphones, though for some remains problematic.

Can you hear me? | Isn’t it interesting that the one person who was clearly heard on the livestreamed video is Lori Yeich from PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. During her presentation her speech projection was clear and loud enough for everyone to hear. Some folks seated around the horseshoe shaped table need to emulate her. Isn’t it also interesting that her statement concerning the number of people using the Trail in Columbia (she said 85,000) differs markedly from numbers that have been bandied about by local Columbia persons?

Promises broken | Citizens have been promised an upgraded website for quite a long time. Add to the premise that the borough may have bought into a Website platform that may be the best choice and that inconsistency of borough managers, this is hard to swallow. When hiring outside contracted products and services, this is for many agencies and organizations is (and should be, a “no-brainer.” Yet nearly a year and a half-later, the severely-out-of-date, jumbled and clunky Website is the best the borough’s got?

Communication | While the Borough has successfully launched a facebook page to communicate with it Customers and prospect Customers, the promised quarterly newsletter is just another erratic and broken promise . What’s the holdup? The most important part of any planing process is the EXECUTION of the plan.

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PennDOT update | “PennDOT to Restrict, Stop Traffic on State Road to Set Bridge Beams in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County; 2-year project will widen State Road, replace bridges over Amtrak and Route 283.

Promise everyone everything | “President Trump on Tuesday promised county leaders that his administration will continue to be a ‘friend, partner, ally and resource’ to local governments, but steered clear of making any promises about infrastructure investments that many have lobbied for in recent years.” – Route Fifty

Syracuse University’s lesson | Don’t protest against hate; we love systemic hatred.The Hechinger Report


Warning | “…voters will now end up with more disparate views of reality
than was the case decades ago. 
– Voters need to be careful consumers of political information and to think hard about where information comes from and how it reaches them” – Futurity


  1. I shouldn’t need to register with a commercial provider, which I abhor, in order to stay informed. A properly managed, publicly owned, website is far preferable.

  2. Pretty sure you can view the borough’s facebook page without registering. But you’re correct, once you do the mega “capturer” of data does have access to some of your data, no doubt.

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