Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [Congratulations, Columbia Tide Boys Basketball team & more] – 3/4/2020

Bad leadership sinks ships | “One of the fundamental roles of a newspaper is to offer an honest assessment of the world around us, so that we might make informed decisions.” Here’s a story about the quest of two investigative reporters who are trying to save a once-great newspaper organization – The Chicago Tribune. And lousy, self-centered, incompetent leadership is at the root of the failing newspaper. – The New Yorker

Congratulations, Coach Glover | Columbia’s Kerry Glover has been named the Lancaster Lebanon League’s Basketball Section Five Coach of the Year. And Columbia players, Michael Poole, Jr., Kerry Glover and Mat McCleary were selected to the Section Five All-Star team. Morfe here. – Lancaster Online

All the more amazing | Coach Glover is just over a six months away from a horrific crash; his recovery has been miraculous.

vans“The Columbia Borough School District is proud to announce that Columbia High School has been chosen as one of five hundred high schools in the nation to participate in the Vans Custom Culture High School 2020 Competition.” – More here.

park rangers




  1. I doubt one could watch the broadcast of council meetings without registering although, I admit, I haven’t tried.

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