Thursday’s news items [wistful images; a slew to a few & more] – 3/5/2020

mick williams art

Glorifying Columbia | Maryland artist Mick Williams’ masterful watercolors are on display at Columbia Crossing through June 30. His renderings of long ago days in Columbia are wistful, colorful and sublimely nostalgic. Se more from his collections here.

From a slew to a few | Seems like just a few weeks ago there were over a thousand candidates at the Democratic Party’s yelling matches. Now there are just two apparent survivors. Two old white men — from which there’ll emerge one — who’ll challenge another old white man for the once proud mantel of President of the United States. Yet, more than 84 percent of the people who live in the US are under age 65.

Lancaster’s First Friday | is loaded with great venues, excitement.

park rangers

And why aren’t | Makle and Rotary Park on the list of clean-up sites? Two of the three Columbia parks shown at the Borough Website are these two.



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