Thursday’s news items, part 2 [those dirty bastards; civic duty; no socialism & more] – 3/5/2020

… those dirty bastards | Those are the words of someone we know uttered whenever yet another illicit action by state and local elected public servants have been discovered having committed flagrant acts of “crime” and “treason against the people they are elected to serve. These “effing” hogs at the trough have done it again. This is the lead sentence of today’s LNP – Always Lancaster page one article:

Top officials with the Pennsylvania Senate scrubbed thousands of detailed explanations about its expenses from official records provided to two news organizations, raising alarm among open records and good-government advocates.”

Doesn’t THIS make you proud to be a Pennsylvanian?

Here’s our opinion | This year when you vote, vote against these conniving criminal incumbents. Or, today, write a letter to your elected public servant demanding he/she pledge to be truthful, open and honest about any question you proffer. Demand ethics and transparency.

vote them out

Borrowing a POTUS phrase: “We’ll see.” | “Columbia borough school board proposes to hold line on taxes for 2020-21 despite rise in expenses”Lancaster Online

We all have a civic duty | We like this Lancaster Online EDITORIAL OPINION: “President Judge Ashworth has a justified warning for those who bail on jury duty” 

Get rid of socialism? | OK … let’s start with Social Security and Medicare? Are you OK with telling someone in your family or circle that these programs will be gone tomorrow?

“The Social Security Act |  was signed by FDR on 8/14/35.”

“Medicare  | was passed into law on July 30, 1965 but beneficiaries were first able to sign-up for the program on July 1, 1966.”

Then let’s get rid of | Corporate Welfare.

There was a time | “The Pennsylvania Music Expo is hosted by the Keystone Record Collectors. It is held at Spooky Nook Sports Lanco, 1901 Miller Road, East Petersburg, Pa 17520 on the second Sunday of every month except Mother’s Day and when Easter conflicts. When those events occur, the show is moved to the first Sunday. Show hours for the always FREE admission event are 9 am – 3 pm. Access prior is open to current, card carrying members only.”


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