Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [prepping; adapting; “Stayin’ Alive” & more] 3/24/2020

quasi-prepper | You don’t have to be a dyed-in-the-wool prepper to get through this pandemic or any near-apocalyptic event. Common sense will serve you well; though here’s a basic prepper guide. If you’re like us, persons who hates to shop, you probably have a stash of cupboard foods that’ll get you through several weeks at least. You’ve got enough toilet paper and paper products and your vehicle is topped off. You charge your mobile device every night. You’ve got a “bug-out bag” and in it or in your vehicle is a LifeStraw. A gift for each of our family members and others is the LifeSraw — food is something most of us can do without for days; water is not.

life straw

First Amendment? |  It’s shameful, in our opinion, for the letter-to-the-editor writers to suggest that any publication in this nation to suggest, as this writer does in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “Perhaps it’s time for LNP | LancasterOnline to stop printing liberal lies until after this crisis has passed.”  We read similar comments from those who align with those on the extreme left and extreme right.

Adapting and forward thinking| Hempfield’s School Board of Directors are adapting to the crisis at school board meetings by engaging a “REMOTE CONNECTION USING A VIRTUAL MEETING PLATFORM TO ALLOW FOR CONNECTION BY ANY MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC AND PROVIDE A MECHANISM FOR PARTICIPANTS TO INDICATE THAT THEY WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK AND OFFER COMMENTS.” See the LEGAL NOTICE published in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Something for Columbia’s | Borough Council and School District to consider? The technology is available. Remember there’s a borough council meeting tonight; attend it at the Borough’s facebook page. Read the “rules on participating in the meeting here; Guidelines for Columbia Borough Public Meetings 03-17-2020. Read the agenda for the meeting here: 03-24-2020 Columbia Borough Council Regular Meeting Packet

staying alive


Just one interested submission? | And that’s what happens when the notice is not cast with a wide net but when “the district announced a vacancy on its website.”





  1. In the March 2020 issue of Harper’s Magazine, there is an interesting article about preppers: WAITING FOR THE END OF THE WORLD: Apocalypse camp at the dawn of the Great Extinction by Lauren Groff.

  2. Thanks for pointing that our; here is the link to the article in cast others want to read it: https://harpers.org/archive/2020/02/waiting-for-the-end-of-the-world-prepper-camp-saluda-north-carolina/

    Don’t think we want to go to the extremes of preppers; just not out style. Our basic knowledge comes from military training and experience. When the apocalypse finally gets here and the Mad Max landscape is here, we’re outta’ here.

    And if the sonsabitches get us, “Que sera.”

    But (and those who were on the ground in combat know) it’ll be FPF time.

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