Wednesday’s news items [Stimulus (welfare?) approved; distanced meeting & more] – 3/25/2020

So, how’s it feel? | Americans will be getting “$1,200 in direct payments that would apply equally to workers with incomes up to $75,000 per year before phasing out and ending altogether for those earning more than $99,000. Families would receive an additional $500 per child.” The Senate yesterday approved the massive $2 trillion stimulus measure to send direct payments and jobless benefits to individuals.

There’s corporate welfare too | |”Companies that accept money must also agree to halt any stock buybacks for the length of the government assistance, plus an additional year. Democrats also secured a provision that will block Trump family businesses — or those of other senior government officials — from receiving loan money under the programs.” – The New York Times 


new borough manager | Mark Stivers will begin his role as the newly hired borough manger next Monday. Shown above (standing) before last night’s council meeting. Stivers sat next to Police Chief Jack Brommer, acting borough manager, during last night’s socially distanced meeting. Both Brommer and Stivers were mostly out of sight during the live streamed meeting.

Lightly attended meeting | The meeting is live streamed and archived at the borough facebook pageIn addition to the persons in the room for the meeting, onc councillor, the borough solicitor and the mayor tele-attended. According to the stats at the live streamed event, 572 persons viewed the meeting. The awkwardness of this meeting presented only “hours in advance email citizen comments” and there were none.

The Olympics and the Long Park Chicken BBQ | The Summer Olympic games have been postponed; as is the the “world’s largest BBQ.”

Struggling | What if the Internet overloads and crashes? Here’s a harbinger: “Facebook Is ‘Just Trying to Keep the Lights On’ as Traffic Soars in Pandemic – The social network is straining to deal with skyrocketing usage as its 45,000 employees work from home for the first time.”

It’s what hucksters do | Some huckster fake products — some huckster fake ideas.

That lady has not sung yet | Science knows that all viral history shows that second and successive waves happen. It’s happening now in Asia. – BBC

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