Trump’s Coronavirus: what we need to know

In mailboxes | You should have received the above postcard or you will.. It’s about TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS and is restating what scientists and medical professionals have been saying for over a month.

NOTE particularly | to “Listen and follow the directions of your state and LOCAL AUTHORITIES.” They’re the ones people should be depending on to get timely, accurate and authoritative communications about LOCAL situations.

Easter Sunday is April 12 | But, isn’t that when TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS will be over?

Nah, let’s quarantine them | “President Trump said Saturday he may announce later in the day a federally mandated quarantine on the New York metro region, placing “enforceable” travel restrictions on people planning to leave the New York tri-state area because of the coronavirus outbreak. The news comes as the United States has become the epicenter of the novel coronavirus pandemic, with more than 100,000 confirmed infections and nearly 1,600 deaths.” – The Washington Post

“She’s dead, and I’m quarantined.” | The story of an Indiana man and the death of his girlfriend, Roberta “Birdie” Shelton, who was the first person to die from covid-19 in Indiana. He shares how his life went “to this hell in a week.” – The Washington Post

covid -19 cases -3382020SOURCE: Pennsylvania Department of Aging Website

You also can view the number of cases by county here.



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